Thursday, May 8, 2008

SocialSpark Live

I remember the first time I was invited to join in SocialSpark, it was just 2 weeks ago when it is still under beta version. An email reaches my mailbox during my working hours and as I am using Hotmail as my main email address, I get the notification on my MSN messenger right away. Inside the email contained a verification code that I need to enter before I can access to their website. After a successful registration, I finally login to my SocialSpark account to get myself familiarize with the new and high-tech interface. Oh boy, for me, it is really a complicated interface but after a few clicks here and there, I am now a pro-user of SocialSpark!

That was the story of the BETA version and I am sure you will be happy as SocialSpark is officially launched to advertisers and bloggers (although still in their BETA version) but it is open for everyone! On the very same day, I met a few new friends through this social marketing network that serves as the hub between the advertisers and bloggers. One of them is no other than the famous Ted-Murphy! The CEO and the spearhead of IZEA, the company behind this terrific! Hey, its an honor to be in his friend list! :D

So have you join in the fun yet? If not, you should start right away, make more friends and at the same time earn money as well! This site is really a good place for networking as you will be able to know more advertisers as well as bloggers at the same time and place!

This post is brought to you by SocialSpark.

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