Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's The Time Again..

I don't really likes the ideas of visiting the bank, especially on those days whereby it's the busiest days of the months, the days of peoples rushing in and out of the bank for their pay cheque and then after banking in their pay cheque, they will be rushing to the counters for other transactions such as pay bills, transferring money, pay loans, update bank book and all sort of transactions which of course will normally made me sit there inside the bank for almost an hours!

If I am lucky, I will be able to get a waiting number that are left there by some one that could not wait too long until their turns and they left the waiting number there for other people. If I am unlucky, I will ended up, which normally happen to me, sitting inside the bank and wasting my precious time doing nothing except me looking at my neighbor sitting beside me and he or she looked back at me like a bunch of idiots!

If I had the choice, I rather stay at home and do all my Savings Account transactions online. With online banking, I will need not to go all the way to the bank and have myself all wet with my sweat just for some bank transactions.

WaMu will be my preferred bank for my online banking transaction as they provides free online banking with free electronic statements. And by the way, I can just avoid paying the monthly service of $4.00 whenever I have a balance of $300.00 inside my account. Great I know, no hassle of driving on a hot day outside, sweating like nobody business and still need to wait like an idiot for an hour. All these will not be happening with WaMu!

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