Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No Telemarketing Calls!

I hate it when I receives those calls from people I do not even know and keep on pestering me to get or subscribe to their services and products. This irritating calls has been give me sleepless nights as some call during my bed time and some call when it is not even 8 in the morning! God gracious, I cannot even explain how angry I am when I pick up the phone and these people keep on telling me about this product and that product.

And guess what, I went to register my phone on No Call List and its works perfectly! Eventhough I still receives one of two telemarketing calls from strangers, but I am happy that it was not as much as before I submit my phone to the site. They even have the Reverse Cell Phone Lookup where you can search for the numbers that called you before. From the information, you can actually call back the number and make the complain on those telemarketer that call and disturb your sleeping time.

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