Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Preliminary Notice

Neither me or my hubby is in the construction line sometimes when I got nothing better to do, I will browse around the world wide web just to read on news, information or useful tips for own knowledge. For me, I think general knowledge is very important as one can always use their general knowledge when the meet any situation that is related.

I stumbled upon this site, http://www.prolien.com/, a company owned and operated by a 30 years veteran, Mechanic's Lien attorneys, Albert Quintrall. He is one of the representing construction professionals throughout California. From what I read inside this website, I understand that, a sub-contractor or a supplier that does not involves directly with the project must submit a 20-day preliminary notice to the owner of the property, contractor or the contraction lender for recording purposes just in case of anything happen. But then again, I am still quite blur about all these construction industry thing. Well, guess I should be reading more on this matter and with in depth details from the site, I will be well versed in just a matter of time.

For those who like to know more, can also check out the website at http://www.prolien.com.

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