Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Smorty Digxa Widget Beta

Did you notice the new look of Smorty? No? Take a lot!

And by the way, I noticed that Smorty is launching this Digxa Widget which is still in Beta stage but I could not find what it is all about.

After a search in the big G, finally I found out that this Digxa Widget is actually a shopping comparison site. ( well that was what people are calling it) or a contextual link ads ( another name called by another person) but well, i guess it is just another way of advertisement.

See the Digxa Widgets (beta) button there?

You can get the widget code inside there and place it into your blog or site. As for me, I will skip this first as it is still under Beta stage. Maybe when the system is stabilized, then I will add in into my page. How about you try it first? :p


elitevillain said...

if you ask me i say i dun dare install...cuz im afraid google might slap me become zero PR again...anything comes from Paid to post sure end up 0

babyfiona said...

elitevillain-hehe, same here :p

curryegg said...

Hello babyfiona.. how are you there? uhh... It has been a long time I didnt pay a visit to your blog.. Sorry... Hope that you're doing fine here... :)

babyfiona said...

Curryegg - hi! no problem hehe, as I also long time never visit you. quite busy lately so no time to blog hopping as well :D