Sunday, June 22, 2008

Candy Massager

Got myself a new massager! Ops sorry, if u see it as a candy soft toy.

Whenever I feel that my neck stiff, I will take it out and just hit my neck area, should and even my back with it. Regret that I bought one only, should have get two so that I can just ask hubby to massage for me with each on both hand.

Actually I tried once while buying this so called massager while I am shopping with hubby a week ago at Berjaya Mall. I was having a terrible back pain and at the same time neck and shoulder was feeling so stiff that it's seem like I am carrying a big fat bag on them. Walking helplessly, I went into a gift shop and I saw it! A few of them and without thinking what it is for, I just took one of them and start to hit my neck and shoulder with it.

After a few tap, I continue to take another one and starts hitting my back like I am playing drum. LOL! Only after a while, I noticed a few passer by was looking at me, like "some kind of look".

Mampus lar mereka, since I am feeling better after some drumming, I don't care what they are thinking. At the end, I bought myself one and regretting right now because I should get a set! Well, never mind, next time will go and get another one when we going out for next run shopping!

My cute massager ( a tapper actually) cute and nice to eat.


cc said...

It does look like a soft toy! Very cute! Is the 'candy' part stuffed?

babyfiona said...

cc - yah, its actually a soft toy just that they made a stick out of it :D