Tuesday, June 3, 2008

End Of Story

I got no mood at all to work. Reasons?

1. No mood , cannot explain

2. I don't even like the idea by this so-called manager, how am I suppose to back him up when I don't like it?

3. I am bored here with all the thing rise up, work increased, responsibilities increased, stress increased, rice price increased, petrol price increasing, this increased that increased but my salary still the same. Same old figure with so many things to handle.

4. All the direct staff I involved with, act like a bunch of idiots with high pay figure and yet DO NOT KNOW how to work! All shit I have to clean, all shit I have to cover.

5. I really no motivation to work anymore. Wish I can just stay home or have my own money so that I can do a home business without need to handle other people's leftover shit.

6. No point of staying anyway, with that new so called manager here, its all about him him him and him. Whatever shit is also from him.

7. I am so fed up. End of story.

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