Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Petrol Price Hike

So have you pump full your petrol tank? I am sure that everybody are now rushing to the nearest petrol pump and fill the tank until the maximum. I am very sure of that because just now on my way coming back home, I saw a lot of cars queuing up at the Petronas opposite my house for the last minutes of filling up the petrol. By the way, I saw the next door Shell put a con at all the petrol pumping lanes and gave hand sign of "NO" which I think they are telling the driver that they are not allowed to pump the petrol or maybe they have shortage of oil.

Me on the other day, rather pump the petrol tomorrow or the day after to avoid the queue. No way I am going to rush and que all the way just to save a little bit of the money as the time spend on queuing and also the oil wasted when the car stagnant there queuing up, it's will come back to the same thing.

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