Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ang Pau for Chinese New Year

I am such a pig! I woke up at 10.30 am today, lingering around in the house, on the laptop browsing and blogging for 2 hours and then proceed to have my lunch outside. After my lunch, went to Summit and wandering around doing nothing as I do not have anything to buy since that I do not know what size I will be in 2 weeks time, which means, I do not have any Chinese New Year clothing yet. I did bought a or two pieces a month back just in case I can still wear them for Chinese New Year but its really not up to me to decide. I am crossing my fingers that I will be able to fit in the new clothing and my bulge will only show up after Chinese New Year. LOL

Anyway, back to being a pig, after a walk at the Summit, hubby decided to sent me home since I am complaining that I am death bored doing nothing there and so I am back home after 2 hours outside doing nothing. But then again, I also got nothing to do at home, so I decided to do a facial mask and then while waiting for the time, I prepared the Ang Pau to be given out for the Chinese New Year. Yay..this year is the third year me and hubby is giving out money, how I missed the times when we only accept Ang Pau from other and then comparing how much both of us getting.

I segrerate and differentiate the Ang Pau with the design of the Ang Pau given out by all retailers that I got from purchasing or getting their services. I think it is a very good Branding way because people can actually remember the company without much trouble. Like my sister or mom, they like the Ang Pau packet given out by some of the bank that all these while been coming out with very nice design and this year they are going back to the same banks just to get their Ang Pau packet for giving out purposes. They rather waste their time queuing up for the Ang Pau packet then getting those not so nice Ang Pau packet from other banks. LOL

But for me, those not so nice one, I will normally stuffed RM 2 for unrelated people and as you can see, the nicer one, which only a few here are reserved for siblings, close relatives and a few people. Well, that is how I give out Ang Pau money because I am not millionaire..could not effort to give out a few thousand of RM 10 or maybe more for each and every person that I met during Chinese New Year!

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