Sunday, May 17, 2009

Short Break Will Do Good

I am really tired of this pregnancy, its really been a torturing time for me to wait and not only that, with all these complication that I am having now, I really need to go for all inclusive resort to help me to relax and keep my mind off from all these problem but too bad, I will not have the chance even after my delivery. What I can do is only imagine and dream of me sitting at the beautiful beach side of Riviera Maya, having a romantic candle light dinner with by hubby at the most prestigious Karisma hotel that they offer.

Sigh! what I can do is only dream but I really hope I will be able to go for a short vacation, even a short one will do good for me but at the moment, I only hope that Little-D will come out soon so that all the rashes on my body will subside..

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